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Social Workers: Sometimes Unseen, Always Essential

Featured in NJ FOCUS Magazine March 2021

When people think of essential workers at this time, doctors and nurses come to mind immediately, of course. Think a little more and grocery and retail store clerks are now right up there on the list. Maybe teachers are, too. But social workers? I suspect if you took a poll of the general public, social workers would not be given much thought. If you asked those same people directly if they thought social workers were essential, you might get an “umm..yeah…sure,” unless you are speaking to a person who needs a service like care management. Otherwise, I think for many, we are the “unseen essential workers.” Still, I have heard “you are my guardian angel” or “I don’t know what I would have done without you” numerous times from clients and family members throughout my career. That sounds pretty essential to me.

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